Cantina 663

Overall, probably my favourite restaurant in Perth. Proper food, as tasty as it gets before things get properly pretentious.

So many restaurants in Perth now are about sharing food. Cynically, I think this is mostly about trying to save money on staff. It’s just too hard to pay enough good people to bring everybody their individual dish all at the same time. You’ll eat what we got, when we feel like making it!

But Cantina genuinely does the sharing thing so well, it feels like this is just the most natural way to eat out. The ultimate experience is a big group of friends and the chef’s family style selection. It’s long and generous to the point of absurdity, so don’t fill up on the excellent duck liver parfait. 

Try and get a seat in the proper restaurant, because sitting at a table out in the arcade is a little lame.

Gnocchi here is ridiculous.

Best bloody mary in town.

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